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Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union

NABU: Over 100 years experience in environmental protection


In 1899 the Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU) was founded in Stuttgart as the "League for the Protection of birds" by Lina Hähnle. Due to political developments in Germany at the beginning of the 1990s it was then united with the East-German "Society for Nature and Environment" into the NABU -Naturschutzbund Deutschland e.V. (Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union). NABU's headquarters are located in Berlin. Aim of NABU is to encourage and inspire people to engage themselves for nature and environmental matters.

All of the more than 400 000 NABU members are organized in federal, regional and local structures. Members who are close to democratic political systems participate with their votes in the choice of delegates, and use their influence on opinion building processes within the Society.


Bar-tailed Godwit

Since 1971 NABU has chosen a "Bird of the Year". The idea is to attract public attention to rare or attractive birds and help develop a general consciousness for local or global environmental problems. The trophy "Dino of the Year" (since 1993) is presented to people or companies of public interest.
Annual attention is thereby drawn to the most ridiculous statement or anachronistic decision in connection with Nature and the Environment.

NABU is partner of BirdLife International in Germany and maintains two scientific institutes, as well as a number of Visitor Centres and nature protection areas.

The Wallnau NABU-Waterfowl Reservation

A paradise for birds in the Baltic Sea

Wallnau Seeseite

For millions of birds the island of Fehmarn in the Baltic Sea is an important northern "airbase". Half of all European birds, approximately 250 different species, stop over in the Wallnau NABU Waterfowl Reservation on the way from the breeding areas up north to the winter resting places in Africa. Among these birds are about 60 species which also breed in Wallnau. On the former fish-ponds, large reeds and the wet meadows the birds find perfect food and breeding conditions.


Greylag Goose

The Waterfowl Reservation is a managed nature protection area and partially artificial. The former fish-ponds are connected with a system of ditches. Water levels in all parts of the reservation can be measured to optimise living quality or food conditions, for example for waders, whenever demanded. To ensure an attractive landscape for meadow birds constant growth is avoided. Grass is either cut or pastured by a herd of Galloway cattle.

Ferienkinder im Hide

The aim of the Wallnau NABU Waterfowl Reservation is to combine natural protection with detailed information and the possibility to experience nature from eye to eye. Especially visitors with little interest in environmental matters are supposed to be attracted by the fascination of birdwatching and the importance and beauty of a sensitive biological system.

Wiesen überstaut

Wet meadows

To this purpose five percent of the territory is open to the public. Along the nature-trail, which is separated from the protected area by a mound, there are four hides from where the visitors are able to watch breeding or foraging animals from a very close distance.


NABU Wallnau is also responsible for the management of the two other nature reserves on the island of Fehmarn: Grüner Brink and Krummsteert-Sulsdorfer Wiek.

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